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For those companies that have business activities that involve the use and handling of substances that are deemed to be hazardous must comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

These substances are very wide ranging and can include any of the following:- Regulation 6 of COSHH focuses in a little more by stating that where a company's employees may be exposed to a substance hazardous to health employers are required to:

1) Make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the health risks and necessary precautions associated activities associated with the use and handling of the substance
2) Review the assessment regularly and immediately either following work changes, or, if suspected of no longer being valid, or, following results of monitoring showing such a review to be necessary. In such instances the assessment should be revised accordingly.

At CSATS we can cover this topic for you by carrying out the various risk assessments required and by offering advice in the hope of being able to cut down on the amount of hazardous substances that you have / use. Obviously we can also work in conjunction with you or your health and safety champion utilizing any appropriate forms that you might already have.

Remember these assessments have to be reviewed on a regular basis.

If you contract us to carry out your initial risk assessments there is NO obligation on you to re-commission CSATS to carry out the reviews but we can do this either as a separate project or part of your retainer package if you have taken us on as your competent person.

CSATS Ensuring Safety AT Work

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