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Safety Training is key for keeping the workplace safe

As we are always aiming to be helpful we have designed this page to provide you with some health and safety information that you can utilize for the benefit of your company and yourself.

The area is broken down into the following sections:-


FREE DOWNLOADS - This area has multiple sections providing you with health and safety information along with some basic training PowerPoint slides. If you are a new company or one that is growing then please take a look inside as there are lists of what health and safety processes that you require.

WEBSITE LINKS - This area is does what it says in the title. It provides you with some links to various health and safety establishments as well as some associations that we enjoy supporting.

CHALLENGES - Again this does what it says in the title. Various mini challenges will be placed on this page to stretch your brain cells a little bit. Some will be funny and some not so. These will be changed throughout the year and be possibly season related.

I hope you find this page useful and don't forget to revisit it from time to time to see what has been changed or updated.

If you require further information on how CSATS Health and Safety Consultants can help you in meeting your health and safety requirements please contact us on 07785 580376 or

CSATS Ensuring Safety @ Work

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