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Safety Training is key for keeping the workplace safe

Safety Inspections and Audits


Safety Inspections and Audits are both vital proactive parts of your health and safety systems and provide you with 2 different sets of information.
They not only give you a benchmark of where you stand in relation to health and safety but provide you with regular evidence of any hazards that are in existence.

NOTE. There are still over 80% of SME's, figures from 2010, who are putting the health and safety of their employees at risk by NOT carrying out Safety Inspections or Audits on a regular basis.


YES you could BUT Safety Inspections should only be carried out by a competent person who has relevant training in health and safety so that they are able to identify any relevant hazards and risks and who can then assess the likely/possible outcome.
We at CSATS have many years practical experience in carrying out Safety Inspections and along with past and ongoing CPD training meet the definition of being competent so able to act as your competent person.
It is generally accepted that it is preferential for Audits to be carried out by an independent person/company to alleviate the risk of the report being seen to be biased.


Once a Safety Inspection or Audit is carried out they will in turn be benchmarked against The Health and Safety at Work Act and any other related health and safety regulations. Following the Inspection or Audit we will develop and provide you with a full comprehensive report highlighting any and all issues with advice on how to rectify any problems found.

And we at CSATS can provide you further advice or better still, for you, actually get our hands dirty and work with you on any follow on requirements found from doing a Safety Inspection or Audit.

If you require further information on how CSATS Health and Safety Consultants can help you in meeting your health and safety requirements under the fire safety regulations please contact us on 07785 580376 or

CSATS Ensuring Safety @ Work

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