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Health & Safety Systems

The Health and safety at Work Act 1974 requires all companies to have viable health and safety systems relevant to your business activities and size. If your organization has 5 or more employees, including yourself, you then need to have a written Health and Safety Policy along with relevant Procedures and risk assessments.

A good robust health and safety management system will at a minimum have the following included in it:

A good health and safety management system that is robust and definative is an essential part of your organization's growth improving your standing amoungst your competitors, your appearance to potential clients and ensuring that you stay health and safety legal. It could also have a side effect of reducing your insurance costs!

Furthermore the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Reg 5) requires that all employers must:-

Make arrangements for the effective planning, organization, control, monitoring and review of protective and preventative measures in order to ensure a successful Health and Safety Management system within the company/business.

The MHSWR (Reg 7) also requires the employer to:-

Appoint one or more 'competent persons' to assist in undertaking the measures necessary to comply with relevant legislation (including fire precautions)

Imagine being able to concentrate on looking after your business, which is what you know best, and having Health and Safety Consultants CSATS look after you and your organizations health and safety, which is what we know best!

We at CSATS can carry out all of the above plus more for you either in totality, we are happy to get our hands dirty, or by working alongside someone from within your organization - your business your choice!

If you require further information on how CSATS Health and Safety Consultants can help you in meeting your health and safety requirements please contact us on 07785 580376 or

CSATS Ensuring Safety at Work

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