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Fire Safety Plan Development

We tend to complete this Operational Safety Procedure first, and in some cases prior to completing a Health and Safety Policy, as it would be a bit pointless having a nice new Policy with the company buildings burning down!

This Procedure covers all aspects of fire safety within your company from carrying out fire risk assessments to ensuring all fire fighting equipment is in place to carrying out staff training. It really is a substantial Procedure but one that is very important not only for the safety of your valuable staff members but to protect your company buildings, stock, equipment, etc.

It is a startling fact that on average each year 70% of all SME's fail to recover from a serious fire - don't let your company be one of that 70%!

1. To start we would develop a Fire Safety Procedure that is bespoke to you detailing how everything concerning fire safety is to be dealt with within the company.

2. Now we would carry out a fire risk assessment of your property and immediate surroundings compiling our findings into a logical and easy to read report inclusive of a deficiencies list.

We can of course provide help in completing this part or carry out the recommendations on your behalf - getting our hands dirty again.

3. Apart from completing any deficiencies from the fire risk assessment we would also carry out training for all your staff so that they know what to do incase a fire occurs.

More information on Fire Safety Training can be found in the TRAINING section of our website.

If you require further information on how CSATS Health and Safety Consultants can help you in meeting your health and safety requirements under the fire safety regulations please contact us on 07785 580376 or

CSATS Ensuring Safety @ Work

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