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Health & Safety Policy and Procedures


For those organizations with 5 or more employees The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires you to have a written Health and Safety Policy.

A wise business owner would be prudent to have some form of Policy, even if they are under that magical number of 5, just in case the unthinkable happens. All Health and Safety Policies should be a bespoke document that is relevant to your business activities and yours alone!

The Health and Safety Policy is normally broken down into 3 sections and these are:-
Part 1 - Statement of Intent for Health and Safety.
Part 2 - Organisational Chart and defined Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities.
Part 3 - Outline Arrangements for Health and Safety

We are able to write this document for you but will need your co-operation in providing important information so that we can ensure that the Policy is complete and bespoke to your company.

We will, of course, provide any training to ensure all your employees understand their particular responsibilities thus planting the seed for a good health and safety culture within your organization.


Operational Safety Procedures are the meat of your health and safety system to ensure your workplace is as safe as it can reasonably be.

Obviously there are some common subjects that apply to all organizations but your business activities will dictate how these subjects are actioned. Your business activities will also highlight what further subjects need to be covered within this Procedures section. A well written Procedure will list all the requirements that need to be carried out and if required come with supporting material such as check sheets, guidance sheets and further information lists.

As you can imagine this section could become quite large.

When an Operational Safety Procedure is developed it must then be disseminated down to all your employees via training or toolbox talk sessions. CSATS can provide these sessions if required thus forming a complete package ensuring everything is covered.


Both of the above when combined forms your Health and Safety Management System demonstrating your organization's commitment to health and safety now and in the future.

If you require further information on how CSATS Health and Safety Consultants can help you in meeting your health and safety requirements please contact us on 07785 580376

CSATS Ensuring Safety @ Work

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